Here are some frequently asked questions.

What is the price range of the wedding dresses?

We offer dresses for every bride and every budget. Starting at 450 Euros for short bridal dresses, and for long bridal dresses starting at around 900 Euros. For the more luxuriant dresses range up to 5000 Euros.


Do I need to make an appointment

It would be advisable to do so, especially on Saturday. To be able to provide you with a relaxing and memorable experience and take enough time to support you in your search, it would be best to arrange your very individual appointment with us. This might also work out short-termed! Just give us a call or arrange an appointment online!


Is it possible, to have tailoring alterations done on rental gowns?

Yes, it is possible to fit the dress, even if you only rent it out.

How early should I start looking for my wedding gown?

We recommend not to start to early looking for your wedding gown. Still, it needs to be timely. 6 months before the wedding is a good time to start your search.


Is it possible to rent out all the dresses you present on your website?

You can rent out almost every dress, which we have on display. Nevertheless, there are a few brands and models, which you cannot rent out! Dresses on discount are not available for rent.


Are the tailoring fee inclusive?

The tailoring fees are calculated extra. Since it is possible, that you do not need any tailoring done on your gown, because it fits you perfectly, this is only fair. Therefore, you pay your own, individual tailoring fees.

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